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The Power Of Open Source In Biology – DAMP Lab’s $10K Biofoundry

A powerful biofoundry does not need to be a multi-million dollar investment – affordable, open-source tools put these capabilities within reach of every lab. The DAMP Lab is a fledgling biofoundry within the new Biological Design Center at Boston University. Using less than $10,000 of open-source software and… Read More

Opentrons & IGEM Partnership

Opentrons and iGEM are excited to announce a partnership to bring the power of low-cost, open-source automation and reproducible protocols to teams shaping the future of science and engineering. Together with the work of the iGEM Measurement Committee and the… Read More

Opentrons User Interview: Talking Genomics With Gencove’s Kaja Wasik

Kaja Wasik’s mission is to get you to want your genomic DNA sequenced. “The world is moving toward including genomic data,” Kaja explains, citing the already normalized use of genetic testing in prenatal care and disease diagnoses. However, exactly who can access genomic data, and how it can be? However,… Read More

Opentrons User Interview : Elaine Phan With Biomarin Pharmaceutical

Kristin Ellis recently visited the headquarters of Biomarin Pharmaceuticals in San Rafael, CA. There, she had the opportunity to speak with Elaine Phan, a Senior Research Associate in protein biochemistry at Biomarin, who has been using the OT-One PRO to run protein quantification assays. (Conversation has been edited for clarity.)… Read More

Opentrons User Interview: Scott Ficarro At The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Opentrons’ Kristin Ellis and Dagney Cooke had a chance to speak with Scott Ficarro at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston. Scott is a Research Scientist in the Marto Lab, Department of Cancer Biology and Blais Proteomics Center and has been using the OT-One for sample prep in mass. Read More

Opentrons User Interview: Making Bioluminescent Signs At Glowee

Opentrons co-founder Will Canine had a chance to speak with Samuel Juillot in Paris. Samuel is Chief Scientific Officer at Glowee, a French start-up making bioluminescent signs with an OT-One PRO in their lab. (Conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity). Lighting Cities with Bioluminescence Will: OK, so I’ve… Read More