Calibrate the Deck

Now that you've downloaded your protocol, you need to upload it to your app

Once your protocol is loaded, a list of all containers in your protocol will pop up. Each of these needs to be calibrate before your protocol can be run. The list is populated based on which container you should calibrate first, so just follow the steps for easiest calibration!

Use the pipette jog section to move the pipettes around the deck. Select the increment, and then click the arrows in the direction you want to move. You can use the X, Y and slot increment to move one slot width in the X, or slot depth in the Y direction!

Each piece of labware has specific instructions on how to calibrate in the app itself, so you'll always have a reference of what to do!

You can also use the Move to Slot buttons to jump around the deck for easy movement.

Once your containers are calibrated, you can calibrate your pipette volume.