Install Pipettes

The OT-One Standard comes with one single-channel pipette, and the PRO and Hood models come with both a single-channel and an 8-channel pipette. Unwrap your pipette(s) (attached to mounting hardware) from their bubble wrap packaging.

Your single-channel pipette can be installed on either the A (center) or B (left) axis, but the 8-channel will only fit on the A axis (see picture below):

To install your pipette, you must first loosen the bolts on the attached hardware. Next, slide the screws into the appropriate slot on the preferred axis. Make sure that the drop tip button on your pipette is aligned with the drop-tip screw. Also, make sure that you slide the pipette mount all the way up the axis to the black stop bar and re-tighten the screws - this ensures that the pipette will not slip down the axis during operation!

** Pro tip: If you have an 8 channel, install it first for ease of attachment!**
** Pro tip: Make sure your pipettes are aligned vertically to ensure proper tip pickup!**

Once your pipette(s) are secured, your hardware is good to go!