Connect and Power Up

First, connect your robot to power by plugging the provided power adapter into the appropriate port. Then connect your computer's USB-A port to the OT-One’s USB-B port. Press the power button.

Open up the OT App and choose the correct port for your computer to communicate with the robot from the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner.

When the robot is properly connected and communicating with the app, it’ll wave "hello" by jogging slightly up and down on the Z axis. Click "Home All" to send the robot to its "home" position in the back left corner (x:0, y:0, z:0). This is the position from which the locations on the rest of the deck are calculated, so it's essential to always start your robot here!

If you have trouble with this step, please see our troubleshooting document or reach out to us here -- we are always around to help!