Remove Shipping Security Bolts

There are 8 locking bolts (covered in blue tape) used to secure your robot during shipping. For it to move freely, you will need to remove each of these. If you do not remove all of these and attempt to run it anyway, it won't be able to move and you could damage the machine.

Use the included allen wrenches to remove the bolts.

There are two bolts on the left side of the robot. Both should be removed, but the nuts will remain in the arm. They can be pushed to the back of the robot arm, out of the way.

There are also two bolts on the right side of the robot.

If you have an OT-One PRO, there are two bolts on either side that need to be removed, in addition to the two that lock a black piece to the pipette station in front (three blue pieces of tape in total).

If you have an OT-One Hood, there are two rear facing bolts that need to be removed, in addition to the center bolts and the 3D printed locking piece from the PRO photo.