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Partner Spotlight: Cerillo

Multi-Dimensional Insights Into The Microbiome


Cerillo’s Research Platform offers a comprehensive system for data collection and analytics, enabling researchers to study the growth curve of microorganisms. Their compact and versatile microplate readers allow for a wide range of experiments in small spaces like shared modular benchtops, incubators, and anaerobic chambers.

Opentrons x Cerillo

Opentrons and Cerillo are partnering to automate and optimize microbiome research in a unique way. With the development of plate reader adapters, we are able to place the Alto and Stratus plate readers for cell growth and ELISA based analysis directly on the OT-2 and Flex deck. The integration of Cerillo’s products with Opentrons’ platforms offers a streamlined, cost-effective solution for constrained lab spaces. This integration enables easy setup of experiments, including bacterial co-culture studies with Cerillo’s co-culture plates.

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Webinar: High-throughput, low cost co-culture with the OT-2 and Stratus

An on-demand webinar with Greg Medlock from Vedanta Biosciences about how he is using automation to power discovery of microbiome therapeutics.

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iGEM Sponsorship Supported by Cerillo

Cerillo is proud to partner with Opentrons on sponsoring iGEM teams. If your team’s project requires revolutionary cellular interaction studies or analysis of microplates, Cerillo is happy to offer a combination of the following based on your specific application needs.