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10X Full Plate Dilution

Developed by: opentrons

For this 10x dilution, you will need to pre-load 20uL of sample into each well in column 1 of a 96-well microplate (A1-H1). Once the plate is placed on the deck, 180 uL of diluent is added to all columns via the p200 multichannel. The samples are then diluted 10x down the columns of the microplate.

This protocol is flexible and can be easily adapted to suit each user’s needs. You can change the dilution factor and/or add a single-channel pipette so the robot can load samples before dilution.

Estimated time for this protocol is 30 minutes

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    • A1 p200-rack
    • A2 p200-rack-2
    • B2 trash
    • C1 plate
    • C2 trough
    • ~30 minutes at 3,000 mm/sec
    • Two full 200 uL racks

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Our protocols are written in a JSON file, please make sure that when you edit these files they are saved as a ".json".

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This is a mix command - you can alter how many times you mix, or “repeat” the motion, and how much volume you pull into the tip every time.