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Developed by: opentrons

This protocol uses food coloring to create a picture of a dinosaur on a microplate. It’s a perfect “hello world” protocol to help you get started with your robot!

Once you’re comfortable with this protocol, feel free to create your own plate pics and submit them to the library.

Estimated time for this protocol is 30 minutes

Setup topTop Icon

    • A1 p200-rack
    • B2 trash
    • C1 plate
    • C2 trough
    • ~30 minutes at 3,000 mm/sec
  • 7 x 200uL tips

Click on each individual container to zoom in.

Source Code topTop Icon

Our protocols are written in a JSON file, please make sure that when you edit these files they are saved as a ".json".

Customize topTop Icon

This protocol dispense 100 uL of liquid in each well - but that number can be changed for each individual transfer. Simply find all the “volume” parameters in the protocol and change them to your desired volume, they could all be the same volume, or they could all be different volumes.

This section shows four transfer commands being performed with the same tip. Instead of writing out a full new “transfer” command, you can simply start a new set of brackets around the next “from”/“to” group to indicate to the robot to not change tips. The final close bracket (Line 825) should not have a comma to signify that it is the last transfer in that group.