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Automating NGS Library Prep eBook

Valuable NGS data depends on quality library preparation; insightful sequencing relies on unbiased library coverage with good yields.


Automating PCR eBook

PCR is a molecular biology workhorse that is used for detecting and quantifying specific genes and is an important component…


How COVID-19 Changed Life Sciences Forever

And How You Can Future-Proof Your Lab With Next-Gen Laboratory Robots.


How To Save Time In The Lab With An Automated On-Deck Thermocycler

The difference between using an automated thermocycler on- and off- the deck of your liquid handler is reclaimed time.


8 Lab Automation Complaints PI’s Get Wrong

From automation only being for high-throughput labs to manual pipetting being more accurate than liquid handlers, there are several misconceptions…


Introducing Automation To Your Lab

“Repetitio est mater studiorum,” says the Latin proverb: “Repetition is the mother of all learning.” Scientists live this ancient saying…

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