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6 Emerging Trends In Life Science

Future life science labs will require skill sets in automation, open-source tech, AI, and many other emerging areas. Here’s what…

Tips & Tricks

Why We Made The World’s Most Affordable Fully-Automated Thermocycler

Opentrons built the world’s most affordable fully-automated thermocycler to give our community more affordable, open-source, automated lab equipment.


Rapid Production and Recovery of Cell Spheroids by Automated Droplet Microfluidics

The future of the life sciences is linked to automation and microfluidics. As robots start working side by side with…


Fully Automated Sample Processing and Analysis Workflow for Low-Input Proteome Profiling

Recent advances in sample preparation and analysis have enabled direct profiling of protein expression in single mammalian cells and other…


Cost-Effective Automation of Common ELISA Assays

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most common techniques performed in both research and clinical laboratories to…

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