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Lab automation was broken. Here's our solution:


Open-source makes science better. Our apps, protocols, and hardware are publicly available

EXPENSIVE Access for Large & Small Labs

Starting at just $5,000, the OT-2 has a CV comparable to robots 10x the cost


70% of our customers are new to automation, so our tools are radically simple


Order it online, just like a laptop. Try it for 60 days and if you don't like it return it-100% risk free

Modular Hardware

Add hardware as you go, and only buy what you need

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Ready for Opentrons in your lab

Labs in 40+ countries trust Opentrons to help automate their workflows. We offer 60-day risk-free returns & flexible payment options.

Everything you need in one box

Automated NGS Library Prep Workstation

Everything you need to automate library prep.

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Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation

Everything you need to automate size selection bead-based cleanups.

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NGS Workstation

Performs nearly end-to-end next generation sequencing (NGS) for a range of genomic and drug discovery applications.

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PCR Workstation

Designed to automate your PCR set up prior to sequencing.

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Magnetic Bead Based Protein Purification

A magnetic bead-based automation for your lysis, sample processing and protein purification.

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Dual Flow Chromatography Protein Purification Workstation

A dual flow chromatography-based automation of your lysis, sample processing and protein purification.

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Labs in 40+ countries use the OT-2 to produce - and publish - research

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risk-free return policy

Return your OT-2 for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. We’ll even pay for shipping.

OT-2 warranty

If anything on your OT-2 breaks from normal usage within 1 year, we’ll replace it for free. It has been stress-tested to last 3 years of full-time use.

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Our support team works tirelessly to get you started & avoid downtime.

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Our Customers

Explore how other labs automate with the OT-2

"I've done I don't know how many hundreds of minipreps in my life. I don't want to do another 3,000."

Nick Emery, DAMP of Boston University

"There’s two reasons we chose Opentrons: it’s affordable and we can develop open-source software for it."

Keoni Gandall, Free Genes Project

"I would just never be able to do as many samples by hand. I would probably lose my mind."

Kaja Wasik, Gencove

Why automate

Reproducible Methods

Easily replicate your results and share optimized protocols with lab automation.

Maximize Time

Reallocate lab time to data analysis, experiment design, and communicating results—NOT manual pipetting.

Replicate Protocols

Load & modify customer-verified protocols and let the robot run them, end-to-end.

Minimize Human Error

Robots don't get tired or distracted. Eliminate this source of error.

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