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We make robots for scientists


At Opentrons we believe that scientists should be able to focus on their science to accelerate discovery and innovation, and that access to automation is a key tool to facilitate that.


Our mission is to democratize access to laboratory robotics.


There are currently ten times the number of scientists to lab robots in the world. When we’re done, that ratio will be flipped, and there will be ten times the number of lab robots to scientists.


Jon Brennan-Badal


Gautam Prabhu


Greg Cole


James Atwood

General Manager, Robotics

Myrtle Potter

Sumitomo Pharma America

Jon Brennan-Badal


Vinod Khosla

Khosla Ventures

Alex Morgan

Khosla Ventures

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Lerer Hippeau

Sven Strohband

Khosla Ventures

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Democratizing biology

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