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Mastering Opentrons Flex, Python and HTTP API Webinar

Learn how to achieve ultimate control over your Opentrons robot with our Python and HTTP APIs, including new features associated…

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4-in-1 Tube Rack White Paper

The Opentrons 4-in-1 Tube Rack Stand is a modular stand that allows four unique tube holding top plate configurations to…



Flexible automation of DNA assembly with OT-2 lab robots and DIVA…


Can you use ChatGPT to write automated lab protocols? Should you? Webinar

ChatGPT has recently emerged as a powerful AI tool, capable of excelling in natural language understanding, generating human-like responses, assisting…


Introducing the Opentrons Flex: Software Edition Webinar

The Flex is Opentrons’ newest robotics platform, built to allow you to scale up your science without losing what makes…

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