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Our Mission

Today, biologists spend too much time pipetting by hand. We think biologists should have robots to do pipetting for them. People doing science should be free of tedious benchwork and repetitive stress injuries. They should be able to spend their time designing experiments and analyzing data.

That’s why we started Opentrons.

We make robots for biologists. Our mission is to provide the scientific community with a common platform to easily share protocols and reproduce each other’s results. Our robots automate experiments that would otherwise be done by hand, allowing our community to spend more time pursuing answers to some of the 21st century’s most important questions.

See Our Mission in Action


VIB Nucleomics

A molecular biologist at VIB championed introducing automation to improve his lab’s NGS library prep workflows for long- and short-read sequencing.

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Millpore sigma

“Before, I had to leave one whole day for one ELISA run. Now, the robot frees my hands.” – Annabel Shang

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“The whole setup process was easy and your online guide was fantastic.” – Tom Huckvale

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Cytera Cellworks

“The OT-2 is very handy for me. The only manual step is transferring tubes… I just put the tubes in and press go.” – Xian Weng Jiang

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PDS, Inc.

Anatoliy Trokhymchuk and Mengying Liu conduct mass spectrometry applications including MALDI-TOF MS target preparation with the OT-2.

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Fidabio creates devices to analyze protein interactions for biologic drug development using the OT-2 and the Opentrons Python Protocol API.

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Automation at Boston University

See how the DAMP Lab is innovating with the OT-2

Ready for Opentrons in your lab?


“There’s two reasons we chose Opentrons: it’s affordable and we can develop open-source software for it.”

Keoni Gandall
Free Genes Project