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OT-2 Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation


Small-scale protein purification for up to 96 samples using magnetic beads

The OT-2 Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation includes OT-2 Robot and Pipettes, Tips and Labware, and Custom Protocol Development

With the OT-2 Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation, you can automate your small-scale protein purification and proteomics sample processing. This Protein Purification Workstation uses magnetic beads for purification of proteins.

Cell Cluster

Enzymatic and chemical lysis

Magnetic Module

SP3 sample preparation for LC-MS

Erlenmeyer Flask

BCA and Bradford assay


Magnetic bead-based purification

peptide strands

Protein labeling

Tube Bubbles 1

SDS and native PAGE sample preparation

What’s in the box

The OT-2 Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation includes all the hardware and consumables you need to perform automated protein purification. It comes with Opentrons’ protocol development service, which provides you with a customized protocol unique to your assay. You’ll also enjoy free access to the Opentrons Protocol Designer, Python API, and Protocol Library.


Robot & Pipettes

  • OT-2
  • Single-Channel GEN2 Pipette (P300)
  • 8-Channel GEN2 Pipette (P300)
  • Custom Protocol Development


  • Heater-Shaker Module
  • Heater-Shaker Deep Well Adapter
  • Heater-Shaker PCR Adapter
  • Magnetic Module


  • 4-in-1 Tube Rack Set
  • 2 cases Opentrons 300 ul Tip Racks (2 x 9600 tips)
  • NEST 12-Well Reservoirs (50 count)
  • NEST 1-Well Reservoirs (50 count)
  • Tough 0.2 mL 96-Well PCR Plates (25 count)
  • NEST 2 mL Deep-Well Plates (50 count)
  • NEST 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes (500 count)

Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQs about the OT-2 and other products, click here.

Protein purification processes can be conducted with up to 96 samples, with minimal hands-on time.

For more information on timing and throughput, please reference our Automated Ni-NTA bead-based protein purification on the OT-2 liquid handler application note.

The magnets used within our Magnetic Module are N52 Neodymium Magnets.

The Magnetic Module supports protocols with standard or deep 96 well plates with volumes ranging from 10 μL to 2 mL.

For more information on compatible labware and magnetic beads, please reference our Magnetic Module White Paper and our Support team’s labware compatibility article.

It is possible to use multiple modules of the same type on the OT-2. This is true for our Temperature Module, Magnetic Module, and Heater-Shaker Module. For a walkthrough on setting this up for your OT-2 and considerations when using multiple modules, please reference this guide.

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