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AI Protocol Development

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are changing how scientists control laboratory equipment. No more coding, as researchers use their own words to tell OpentronsAI powered by OpenAI what they want their robots to do.

At Opentrons, we are already seeing the potential of Generative AI to significantly improve automated workflows and protocol creation. By using an interface powered by Generative AI and LLMs, scientists can describe experimental protocols in plain language, and the model will interpret and generate corresponding automated protocol scripts intelligently.

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The OpentronsAI beta test for the public is coming soon – signup is now open! You’ll be able to describe in your own words what you want your Opentrons robot to do, even if you don’t yet have one. See how easy it is to control a robot with AI assistance!

Automation and AI is where the field is going overall. You need to have real experience with liquid automation because that’s what the entire industry will expect you to be able to do. The table stakes for doing anything relevant are that you’re familiar with the cloud, with pipelines, and liquid automation and AI.

– Peter McCaffrey, MD, FCAP, Assistant Professor: UTMB, CTO: Pragma Bio

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Watch the demonstration webinar where our CEO Jonathan Brennan-Badal and CTO Gautam Prabhu share the story of developing and tuning OpentronsAI, and demonstrate its capability in automating and optimizing liquid handling.

Our objective is to eliminate the hands-on, laborious tasks in the lab with easy-to-use software so that researchers can place more focus on scientific breakthroughs.

– Jonathan Brennan-Badal, CEO of Opentrons


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