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DNA Tagmentation

A technique where DNA is fragmented and tagged with adapter sequences simultaneously, primarily for efficient DNA library preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS). The process is crucial for workflows such as DNA sequencing, targeted studies, metagenomics, and chromatin profiling like ATAC-seq.

What Workflows do I need DNA Tagmentation for?

The primary purpose of DNA Tagmentation is to prepare DNA libraries for next-generation sequencing in a rapid and efficient manner. The process streamlines library preparation, reduces the time and steps required, and can result in more uniform coverage during sequencing. DNA Tagmentation is commonly used in various workflows such as:

  1. DNA sequencing, particularly for NGS workflows.
  2. Targeted sequencing studies, where specific genomic regions are of interest.
  3. Metagenomic studies where sequencing diverse communities of organisms is important.
  4. Chromatin profiling studies like ATAC-seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using sequencing).

DNA Tagmentation has never been easier

The OT-2 is a bench-top liquid handler designed to be accessible and flexible enough to automate many common applications.

Top Methods for DNA Tagmentation

  1. Nextera DNA Library Preparation: This commercial method, developed by Illumina, uses a specific transposase enzyme to perform tagmentation.
  2. ATAC-seq: This method combines tagmentation with sequencing to assess chromatin accessibility.
  3. Custom transposase systems: Several research groups have optimized their transposase enzymes and protocols for specific applications or organisms.

Protocol Spotlights

Opentrons helps you automate DNA Tagmentation with open-source protocols for the OT-2 and Opentrons Flex

Why is DNA Tagmentation difficult?

Key Challenges of DNA Tagmentation with manual pipetting

Benefits of Automation over Manual Pipetting for DNA Tagmentation:


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