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Automating PCR

PCR is the workhorse of molecular biology labs and often one of the first workflows that labs consider automating. PCR setup is highly conducive to automation, and if you add an on-deck Thermocycler, you can automate the end-to-end workflow.

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Thinking through the transition to PCR automation

Every lab has its own resources and goals. When evaluating automation, you need to think through the transition in the context of your lab and your samples. This guide will help you decide if automating PCR is the right decision for you.

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Automating PCR on Opentrons robotics systems

So you want to automate PCR? Review strategies for automating PCR + PCR prep with the OT-2 and Flex.

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Opentrons Thermocycler GEN2

Our Thermocycler GEN2 delivers accurate and uniform amplification with an exceptionally low evaporation rate.

Flex PCR Workstation

Automate PCR setup and thermocycling on the Opentrons Flex

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The Opentrons Flex can automate your end-point PCR setup and thermocycling workflows for up to 96 samples. Explore our PCR workstation, which can be configured with an on-deck Thermocycler for end-to-end automation, or without a Thermocycler for automated PCR setup with off-deck thermocycling.


Want to know more?

Our team of experts can help figure out if automation is right for you. Book a virtual demo to discuss your workflow needs with an expert.