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Automating Protein Purification

Protein purification can be complex and time-consuming. Automating your protein purification workflow can increase efficiency, reduce errors and save hands-on time. Protein purification methods that are most adaptable to automation use magnetic beads or dual flow chromatography columns.

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Automating magnetic bead-based protein purification

Learn how to automate magnetic bead-based protein purification with the OT-2 using Thermo Fisher Dynabeads™ Protein A/Protein G & Thermo Fisher Pierce™ Ni-NTA Magnetic Agarose Beads.

Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation

Automate protein purification on the Opentrons Flex

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With the Flex Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation, you can automate your bead-based protein purification workflow at the scale you need to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save hands-on time. Flex enables you to automate small-scale isolation of specific proteins, protein complexes, and antibodies, or proteomics sample processing, using many leading magnetic bead-based reagent systems on the market.

Webinar & Application Note

Immunoprecipitation using Thermo Fisher Dynabeads on the OT-2

Webinar & Application Note

Ni-NTA bead-based protein purification on the OT-2

OT-2 Dual Flow Chromatography Protein Purification Workstation

Use the OT-2 to automate small-scale, dual flow chromatography protein purification using Biotage® PhyTip® columns.


Protein purification with Biotage PhyTip Columns on the OT-2

Perform dual flow chromatography using Biotage® PhyTip® columns on the Opentrons OT-2 liquid handler.


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