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Everything You Need To Know About Sunsetting Opentrons Python Protocol API Version 1

With the 4.0.0 software release, Opentrons will no longer support Python Protocol API Version 1. Here’s what you need to know.

In our upcoming 4.0.0 software release, and future releases to come, Opentrons will no longer support Python Protocol API Version 1 (APIv1).

Last year, we introduced Version 2 of the Opentrons Python Protocol API (APIv2)ーa major update to the OT-2’s core operating software and protocol programming interface that improves reliability and ease of use for Python API users, including:

— Major updates to the software defining the geometry of the robot, modules, and labware, ensuring protocol commands are executed accurately and consistently.

— Simplifying OT-2 troubleshooting, enabling support teams to more accurately diagnose and resolve issues.

— An updated protocol programming interface making the API easier to learn and use.

Since the release of APIv2, we have continued its development and added features and bug fixes, with 7 new API minor versions, support for new pipettes and modules, changes to motion parameters and pipette speeds

However, we are no longer able to support both API versions and are migrating our systems to support APIv2 moving forward. While sunsetting a product is always difficult, doing this will enable us to focus our efforts on a single strong, reliable product experience.

If you have not yet updated from APIv1 to APIv2:

Starting with 4.0.0, the OT-2 software will no longer support protocols built using APIv1. You will continue to be able to run APIv1 protocols using your OT-2’s current software version. 

How to update protocols from APIv1 to APIv2:

In order to ensure the best experience using your OT-2 with this update, we recommend updating your APIv1 protocols as soon as possible. Here’s how:

If you do not plan to update yet: 

While Opentrons always recommends using the latest software version available, if you are not ready to update you can suppress notifications for new OT-2 software and Opentrons App releases. However, using older software versions means that it will no longer receive bug fixes and you may experience problems using your OT-2. 
When you are ready to update, navigate to the “More” tab in the Opentrons App and it will guide you through updating your  app and robot software.

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