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Introducing The Opentrons Heater-Shaker Module!

We’re excited to launch our newest hardware product that unlocks even more applications for automation on the OT-2.

The range of Opentrons hardware modules – which includes MagneticTemperatureThermocycler and HEPA Filter Modules – is growing. We’re adding a Heater-Shaker to the family! With the Heater-Shaker, you can automate applications such as nucleic acid extraction from blood, tissue, cultured cells  and environmental samples, immunoassays such as ELISA, and other techniques that require agitation or heating. 

The Heater-Shaker slots into a single deck slot on the OT-2. It can be heated to 95 C, and can shake samples from 200 to 3000 rpm. You can choose from one of four thermal adaptors that hold different deep-well and 96-well plates securely and heat samples evenly across wells. 

Check out this video or other resources below to learn more.

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