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Meet Opentrons at ASHG 2023

Opentrons is a proud exhibitor at ASHG 2023, and we’re excited to be bringing our automation solutions to the conference.

Opentrons Workshop

Date: Friday, November 3
Time: 12:30–1:30 PM
Location: 143C, Walter E Washington Convention Center

Ultra-efficient automated WGS  analysis at LightSpeed

Accelerate your whole-genome sequencing (WGS) workflow with flexible, automated library prep and ultra-fast bioinformatics analysis. We’ll present how you can automate 96-sample WGS library prep and normalization in 5 hours, with just 20 minutes of hands-on time, and then complete ultra-fast cloud-based bioinformatics analysis in less than 30 minutes per sample. We’ll show data from human genomic DNA, bacterial DNA and mixed microbial DNA demonstrating high yields of balanced libraries across diverse sample types.

By combining QIAseq® chemistry for library prep and normalization with automation on the Opentrons Flex™, a flexible benchtop liquid-handling platform, you can generate highly uniform libraries with yields up to 50 nM. Following sequencing, analyze your libraries with QIAGEN®  QCI ® Secondary Analysis, with incorporated cloud-based LightSpeed technology to accelerate processing of raw sequencing data, for 30x coverage for an entire human genome in just 25 minutes in a highly cost-effective manner. Then, learn how to confidently interpret variants with QCI Interpret, an automated VCF to final report solution powered by AI-enabled literature searches and state-of-the-art manual curation.


Kinnari Watson, Opentrons Labworks, Inc.  

Brian Dugan,  QIAGEN Sciences, Inc.

Araceli Cuellar,  QIAGEN Redwood City

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