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Opentrons App Software Update: 3.20.0

We’ve just launched a new version of our software! Here’s everything you need to know.

We have released our next software update: 3.20.0. This update includes bug fixes and features including:


Full information about this update is available on GitHub. The post below is a user-friendly summary of those changes. 

Labware Calibration Offsets

When you upload a protocol, the Opentrons App will now display calibration offsets of labware used in your protocol on the “File Info” page alongside the required labware, pipettes, and modules. In addition, the “Calibration” page will display your labware calibration offsets in real time as you calibrate them. Calibration offset data from both current and previous calibration sessions will be displayed, in addition to labware that has not yet been calibrated. Should you need additional information, please reference these support documents:

API Version 2.6 and Increased Flow Rates for GEN2 Single Pipettes

You may now specify API Level 2.6 for your Python protocols. If you do not specify API Level 2.6 – particularly for protocols written for software versions 3.19.0 and previous – the behavior of your pipettes will not change.

This change is based on enhanced factory pipette qualification testing. Based on that testing, Opentrons Pipettes GEN2 Single-Channel  may be used at these higher flow-rates with the same CV and %D as the lower flow-rates. To avoid breaking your already-written protocols, the change only occurs on Python protocols using Python Protocol API Version 2.6 that do not manually set flow rates. Python protocols specifying other API versions, Python protocols specifying API Version 2.6 that manually set flow rates, and protocols created with Protocol Designer will have the same flow rates as before the update. Should you need additional information, please reference this FAQ:

USB Connection Stability and WiFi MAC Address Stability

Robot software 3.20.0 comes with two important networking fixes: 

  1. The MAC address of the robot’s wireless network interface will now stay the same regardless of whether the OT-2 is connected to a network or not. This is important because some networks require manual approval of a MAC address before allowing devices onto them, and this change prevents that from being problematic. 
  2. OT-2 robots connected to your computer via USB should not accidentally disconnect. It may still take a long time for your OT-2 to be detected when you plug it in or turn it on, but once it is connected it should no longer disappear until either unplugged or turned off.

Downgrading to 3.19.0

Lastly, it is important to consider when to downgrade your Opentrons App version from 3.20.0 to a previous build like 3.19.0. If you would like to downgrade, you must remove the configuration files for your installed Opentrons App; if not, the Opentrons App will not start after the downgrade. Should you need additional information, please reference this support guide: