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6 Resources For Life Scientists Working From Home

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If you are working without normal access to your lab, here are 6 resources to help you stay productive.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way many life scientists work. Due to increased social distancing policies, researchers are now having to adjust to meeting remotely with their teams, working reduced hours in their labs — or working entirely from home.

If you are working without normal access to your lab, here are 6 resources to help you stay productive:

1) Working From Home Because Of COVID-19? Here Are 10 Ways To Spend Your Time

A list of practical, actionable takeaways to help you make the most out of working from home courtesy of Science magazine.

2) 10 Ideas for Researchers Working from Home

A roundup from Bitesize Bio focusing on ways wet lab researchers can move their research forward without being in the lab.

3) Tips For Scientists To Effectively Work From Home

A comprehensive page of resources from Synthego helping scientists build routines and master productivity while working from home

4) WEBINAR: The Art of Working From Home, For Scientists

A webinar from Bitesize Bio sharing their staff’s secrets on maintaining productivity while working from home.

5) WEBINAR: COVID-19 Town Hall with Nanome – SynBioBeta

A webinar from SynBioBeta discussing visual reality drug discovery tool Nanome and how it – and other state of the art tools – are combating the global pandemic

6) PODCAST: How to Stay Motivated and Productive While Working From Home

A podcast from The Ecoscientist full of practical advice and resources on coping with the new reality of working from home.

These are unprecedented times. But they don’t have to be a step back, for you or your research.

Stay safe.

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