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Partner Spotlight: MACHEREY-NAGEL

Reliable solutions for your RNA, DNA, and protein purification

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MACHEREY-NAGEL (MN), a renowned global laboratory solutions provider, offers innovative and dependable products for diverse scientific needs. With over a century of expertise, MN specializes in Water Analysis, Bioanalysis, Chromatography, Filtration, and Rapid Tests. MN offers tailored solutions for DNA, RNA, and protein purification across various sample types and formats.


Opentrons and MACHEREY-NAGEL are partnering to automate efficient DNA and RNA extraction and purification from diverse sample types, including cells, tissues, and body fluids.

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Automating MACHEREY-NAGEL NucleoMag® Tissue on Opentrons Flex

Automated genomic DNA purification from cells or tissue samples using the Opentrons Flex Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation

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Automating MACHEREY-NAGEL NucleoMag® NGS Clean-up and Size Select on the OT-2

Automated clean-up and tunable size selection and reaction volume of NGS library preparations on the OT-2


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