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Partner Spotlight: seqWell

Library prep simplified through scalable workflows

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seqWell’s integrated normalizing library prep technology allows the creation of balanced library pools without the need for sample or library normalization. Their fast, simplified workflows multiplex 100’s to 1000’s of samples for loading on a single sequencing run enabling enhanced overall sequencing performance.

Opentrons x seqWell

Opentrons and seqWell are partnering to automate the seqWell ExpressPlex Library Kit for high-throughput multiplexed library preparation of plasmids and amplicons.

Webinar: Automated high-throughput library prep for plasmid sequencing

Learn how automated preparation of ExpressPlex libraries supports an end-to-end workflow from extracted plasmid or amplicon DNA to data generation for up to 1536 libraries within around 24h.


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