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Partner Spotlight: Parhelia Biosciences

Spatial Biology Sample Prep Automation

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Parhelia Biosciences, founded by industry pioneers, is transforming spatial biology research. They offer a versatile, open platform for automated sample preparation for spatial assays, including instruments, reagent kits, and software. They aim to make cutting-edge spatial technologies widely available, robust, inter-operable, and easy to use.

Opentrons x Parhelia

Opentrons is excited to partner with Parhelia Biosciences to automate their complete tissue auto-staining solution, the Parhelia Omni-StainerTM.

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Spatial Workflow Automation to Address the Challenges of Assay Efficiency, Variability and Integration

A Core Leader’s perspective on spatial workflow automation

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Application Note

Parhelia Omni-Stainer Revolutionizes the IMC Workflow

Astonishing staining quality produced on the first try


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