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Checkit Go Volumetric Verification Kit Products

Checkit Go enables you to easily measure the volumes dispensed by a robot or multi-channel pipette, in under 10 seconds. These models measure up to 8 channels at a time and are offered in volume ranges covering 2μL to 50μL.

Please choose the model that matches your volume range:

ModelVolume Range
5 μL Volumetric Verification Kit2-5 μL
10 μL Volumetric Verification Kit4-10 μL
20 μL Volumetric Verification Kit8-20 μL
50 μL Volumetric Verification Kit20-50 μL

Prices listed here are valid in the US and select other territories. Please get in touch with your local team for pricing for your territory.

Volume Range

1-Year Warranty

Ships in 10 business days

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Create a quote after you add to cart

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