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Developed by: opentrons

For this 8 sample PCR protocol, 23 uL of master mix is dispensed into each well in the first column of a 96-well microplate (A1-H1) via the p200 single channel pipette. 1uL of enzyme is then added to each of those wells via the p10 single channel pipette, followed by addition of 1 uL of DNA to each of those wells via the p10 single channel pipette.

You will need to manually prep the PCR master mix prior to using this protocol (but master mix prep can also be automated!). You will also need to complete all plate sealing and thermal cycling steps. This protocol is flexible and can be easily adapted to suit each user’s needs -- you can easily add more samples to your plate and/or change sample volumes!

Estimated time for this protocol is 22 minutes

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    • A2 p200-rack
    • B2 p10-rack
    • C1 plate
    • C2 trash
    • D1 tube rack
    • ~22 minutes at 3,000 mm/sec
    • 1 x p200 tip
    • 16 x p10 tips

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Our protocols are written in a JSON file, please make sure that when you edit these files they are saved as a ".json".

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Occasionally you may use tubes of different sizes in the same tube rack. If one tube is much shorter or longer, you will need to adjust how far down the tip goes using “tip-offset” (in mm). A negative value will move the tip farther down into the well, while a positive value will bring it up. However - the software will prevent the tip from moving farther down into the container than the “depth” value specified in the containers folder.