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Fully automated hybridization-based targeted sequencing sample prep with superior uniformity in 6 hours: A Point-n-Seq® workflow on Opentrons OT-2.

Automation has become increasingly vital to accommodate the growing demands of sample throughput, reliability, and reduced hands-on-time.

Application Notes

Automated NGS Quantification, Normalization, and Pooling Using the OT-2

The Opentrons® OT-2 effectively performs qPCR quantification of NGS libraries, maintaining high precision while reducing hands-on time. Two methods of…

Application Notes

Sequence Ready Library Preparation Fully Automated For Microbial And Human DNA Template

The Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kit was fully automated using the Opentrons OT-2 for quick, hands-off, highquality libraries for…

Application Notes

Automating DNA Library Preparation of Small Genomes using Illumina ® DNA Preparation Kit on the Opentrons OT-2

The next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow includes preparing DNA libraries using commercially available and cost-effective DNA preparation kits. Optimizing this workflow…


Automating NGS Library Prep eBook

Valuable NGS data depends on quality library preparation; insightful sequencing relies on unbiased library coverage with good yields.

Application Notes

Rapid High Quality Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation With Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits© On The Opentrons OT-2

The Swift 2S™ Turbo DNA Library Kit was automated with the Opentrons OT-2 for fast and robust preparation of high…

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