Verified Workstation Application

Protein Purification Workstation

Verified Workstation Application

Protein Purification Workstation

A dual flow chromatography-based automation of your lysis, sample processing and protein purification.

Workstation includes the OT-2 robot, modules, and consumables needed to run your Proteomic assays. Supports dual flow chromatography.



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The Opentrons Protein Purification Workstation is an open-source liquid handling system that fully automates small scale protein purification, proteomics sample processing, enzymatic and chemical lysis, and general liquid handling and reagent distribution for various chemical assays at a fraction of current market cost.

This Opentrons Protein Purification Workstation uses the BiotagePhyTip® pipette tips to perform dual flow chromatography-based protein purification.

This workflow can be used for the following applications:

  • Screening and optimization of purification conditions
  • High-throughput protein purification for downstream applications
  • Capture of macromolecular complexes (protein-protein, protein-DNA)
  • Protein purification, screening and optimization
  • Enzymatic and chemical lysis
  • General purpose liquid handling
  • Reagent distribution

Protein Purification Workstation Materials (Dual Flow Chromatography-based)

Each Opentrons Protein Purification Workstation (Dual Flow Chromatography-based ) is custom configured with the hardware, consumables and protocol unique to your protein purification assay. You’ll also enjoy free access to the Opentrons Protocol Designer, Python API and Protocol Library.


Here are some of our featured Protein Purification protocols in this Library

Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? Get a custom protocol developed for your assay.


4 Ways to Create Protocols

Protocol Library

Protocol Designer

Python API

Custom Protocol Development


Opentrons aims to provide the best customer experience with our system. We provide:

  • Extended Warranty for the Protein Purification Workstation at a list price of $5,500
  • On-site Installation (Get a quote by emailing
  • Expedited Custom Protocols

Custom Protocol Type1 Workflow3 WorkflowsTurnaround Time
Standard Workflow Development$1,000$2,7502 weeks
Expedited Workflow Development$1,300$3,3501 week

If Opentrons hardware does not work for your assay needs, we offer a risk-free return on eligible hardware purchases. We provide a full refund in the amount found on your purchase order, credit card or pro-forma invoice including all associated shipping cost within a 60-day period.