Robots for Biologists

The OT-One is a personal pipetting robot starting at $3,000

Hands Free

The OT-One uses standard manual pipettes so you
don’t have to.


Use tried-and-true protocols from our Protocol Library to get the same results every time.

Open & Modular

Add modules or modify our open-source platform yourself to automate your process.

OT Pro


The world's first personal lab robot.
Say goodbye to sore thumbs and repetitive pipetting!

OT App Version 2.0.0

OT App

Use any Windows 10 or Mac OSX computer to run our free app and control your robot.

Protocol Library

A community generated repository of commonly used protocols, including PCR prep, transformations, dilutions, and gene editing.


Gene Editing

What people are saying

Jarryd Campbell

Postdoc, Mayo Clinic

"We figured out that if we put our protocol on the robot, we could make the protocol as complex as we wanted, because the robot can handle complexity without making errors.... Basically, the Opentrons simplified everything for us." Read full story

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