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Flex 96-Channel Pipette

Highly accurate pipetting from 5 to 1000 µL and optimized for automation

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What will you do with 96?

Accurate pipetting across 96 channels

The Flex 96-Channel Pipette uses air displacement technology to offer highly accurate pipetting from 5 to 1000 µL

Modular pipetting head

Install or swap out the pipette yourself in minutes with minimal effort

Automated calibration

Two smart sensors support automatic calibration, real-time positioning, and error detection

Tech Specs

96-channel accuracy & precision
Tip Size Volume %D %CV
50μl 5μl ±10% ±5%
50μl 50μl ±2.5% ±1.25%
200μl 200μl ±1.5% ±1.25%
1,000μl 1,000μl ±1.5% ±1.5%

Frequently Asked Questions

To pick up tips, The Opentrons Flex 96-Channel Pipette requires tip racks be in a 96-Channel Tip Rack Adapter. Four 96-Channel Tip Rack Adapters are included with the purchase of one Flex 96-Channel Pipette.

Yes, Opentrons Flex users will be able to offset the 96-channel pipette head to pick up 8 tips (1 column). This functionality can only be achieved through the Python API.

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