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Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block


The Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block is a magnetic 96-well plate for pulling particles out of suspension and retaining them during wash, rinse or other elution procedures. It is suitable for many magnetic bead-based protocols, including extracting and purifying DNA, RNA and proteins.

Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block

Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block
MagneticBlock GEN1 FRONT e1689187864799
MagneticBlock GEN1 SIDE e1689187897763

Other Features

  • 96 magnetic wells consisting of high-strength neodymium ring magnets fixed to a spring-loaded bed
  • For use with Opentrons Flex and Opentrons Flex Gripper; not compatible with OT-2
  • Compatible with a range of labware including Opentrons Tough PCR Plates and NEST Deep Well Plates, various magnetic bead products, and protocols with volumes from 10 µL to 2 mL

Tech Specs

Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block

136 x 94 x 45 mm (l/w/h)


1.13 kg

Module power input
None, module is unpowered

A wide range of 96-well microplates, containing volumes from 10 µL to 2 mL

Recommended labware

We recommend using Opentrons Tough PCR Plates and NEST 96 Deep Well Plates with the Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block, as they are full-skirted and have rigid frames, which are compatible with the Opentrons Flex Gripper

Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQs about the Flex, OT-2, and other products, click here.

The Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block GEN1 is compatible with the Opentrons Flex robot, while the OT-2 Magnetic Module GEN2 is compatible with the OT-2 robot.

The Magnetic Block is a plate-sized magnet that relies on the Opentrons Flex Gripper GEN1 to move your plates on and off the block. Conversely, the Magnetic Module is a powered unit that turns the magnets on and off, and is intended for use with a liquid handling robot without a gripper.

Yes. Compatible labware for the Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block includes:

Opentrons Tough 0.2 mL PCR well plate (full skirt)

NEST 2 mL 96 Deep Well Plate

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