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Automating NGS Library Prep

NGS library preparation is complicated and has many steps, making automation a daunting prospect. With Opentrons robots and verified protocols, library preparation might become the easiest part of your day.

Download from a library of protocols

You don’t even need to program your robot to do your library preparation – that’s probably been done already. Simply visit the Opentrons Protocol Library and download protocols for kits from common NGS companies including Illumina, IDT, Qiagen and many more. Choose from Opentrons Verified or Manufacturer Verified protocols for immediate confidence, or Community Verified protocols to precisely replicate other scientists’ methods.

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Flex NGS Workstation

Save time by selecting the Flex NGS Workstation– everything you need to automate your workflow, so you can get to your science faster. With the Flex NGS Workstation, you can automate your workflow at the scale you need to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save hands-on time.

Key considerations for automating NGS library prep – with live demo

Automating NGS library prep is an important part of scaling genomics workflows, and offers several advantages, such as reduced hands-on time, increased consistency between samples and fewer errors. Join us for this webinar where we’ll outline some important considerations for automating NGS library prep, and then demo an NGS workflow on the Opentrons Flex NGS Workstation, a benchtop liquid handler with 96-sample throughput.

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Application Note

Ultra-efficient automated whole genome sequencing

A library prep workflow using QIAseq® FX DNA Library Kit and QIAseq® Normalizer Kit on the Opentrons Flex

Technical Bulletin

Opentrons Flex: Flexible automation for NGS

Platform overview and application data from NGS library prep, nucleic acid extraction and bead-based protein purification

The Flex very materially helps us do library prep and saves time and mental energy. More importantly it changes how we think about things. How can we systematize this so it can be done more efficiently overall? I like that culture overall. It’s a much more high-performing way to do things.

– Peter McCaffrey, MD, FCAP, Assistant Professor: UTMB, CTO: Pragma Bio


Reagent Application Data Protocols Verification *

*Verification categories:
Opentrons = has been verified by the Opentrons Team, who verify that the scientific results are as expected.
Partner = has been verified by our reagent partner, who verifies that the scientific results are as expected.
Community = protocol is in use by members of the Opentrons community.


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