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Proteomics throughput is increasing, driven by advances in resolution, cost, and speed. Manual pipetting during sample preparation not only wastes time, but has become a bottleneck limiting research, leading labs all over the world to embrace automation.

Automating protein production and analysis

Watch our on-demand demonstration of how the Opentrons Flex and its modules automate complex proteomics tasks, and get tips on how your day-to-day protein sample processing work can be seamlessly performed on the platform.

Rise of Automation in Mass Spectrometry–Based Proteomics

Check out this article in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News discussing how sample preparation has become a bottleneck limiting proteomics research, and how the use of liquid handling automation has overcome this problem, enabling researchers to focus on their science.

Case Study: MassSpectrometry-Based Proteomics

Dr. Joao Paulo, PhD, and his laboratory at the Harvard Medical School Department of Cell Biology employ mass spectrometry-based proteomics (MSP) analysis to better understand the effects of molecular mechanisms and cell signaling pathways on the regulation of the proteome of various model systems.

Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation

With the Flex Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation, you can automate your bead-based protein purification workflow at the scale you need to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save hands-on time. Flex enables you to automate small-scale isolation of specific proteins, protein complexes, and antibodies, or proteomics sample processing, using many leading magnetic bead-based reagent systems on the market.

Protocol Library V1

Automated proteomic protocol collection

Save time by downloading free protocols from the Opentrons Protocol Library. Select from a range of protein extraction (including SP3), quantification, and proteomic sample preparation methods including digestion and normalization.


Free resources for sample preparation and supporting techniques

MassSpecPreppy Webinar with Dr. Stephan Michalik

An end-to-end solution that provides a cost-effective workflow for high-throughput sample processing, encompassing protein concentration determination and sample digestion.

Automated Workflow for Antibody Production and Analysis on a Robotic Liquid Handling Platform



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