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Education Initiative Case Study: Daniel Gerngross

Opentrons has recently launched an education initiative with the goal of making lab automation skills universal. As part of this initiative, we’re speaking with educators across the globe who are using the OT-2 automatic liquid handler robot in teaching settings to see what they’ve been up to. Here are… Read More

Educator Initiative Case Study: Solomon Bawa

“Students were amazed to see the liquid handling robot” Solomon Bawa, says, recalling the awe of his students when they were first introduced to robotic systems. Taking students of which some have never used Python, teaching them to write code, and then letting them control the Opentrons OT-2 significantly boosts… Read More

Educator Initiative Case Study: Mike McDonald

As part of our education initiative at Opentrons, we’re creating a series of case studies on educators who are using our hardwear in teaching settings. Here are our key takeaways from our conversation with Dr. Mike McDonald, who introduced Master’s-level sequencing technology students to OT-2 for liquid handling automation. Read More

Automating Molecular Cloning at IOB to Accelerate Discovery of Gene Therapies

Jannick Imbach, a scientist at IOB, chose automation to increase the efficiency and throughput of his lab’s molecular cloning protocols Gene therapy is a technique whereby synthetic DNA constructs are introduced into host cells to treat diseases. The research involved in discovering gene therapies requires a substantial amount of time-consuming… Read More

Retro Biosciences Automates Single-Cell RNAseq Library Prep Using the OT-2

Single-cell RNA sequencing, or scRNAseq, enables transcriptomic analysis at a single-cell resolution, which can inform us of rare but important cell populations. Although the use of scRNA-seq technology has become increasingly popular, the cost remains quite expensive. Beyond the cost of the sequencing platform and each individual run, the library… Read More

Automating NGS Workflows At The VIB Nucleomics Sequencing Core Facility

Stephane Plaisance, a molecular biologist at VIB, championed introducing automation to improve his lab’s NGS library prep workflows for long- and short-read sequencing. A rising demand for sequencing services is pushing laboratories to find ways to increase capacity and improve workflow efficiency. Laboratory automation is an effective means to both… Read More

How AIM Biotech Is Automating Organ-On-A-Chip Drug Discovery

AIM Biotech is using the OT-2 to implement automated drug discovery on in vitro platforms that provide more predictive data and higher throughput. When scientists at AIM Biotech developed their idenTx organ-on-a-chip (OOAC) platform for human cell-based drug discovery, they were focused on creating a system that could… Read More

Opentrons User Interview With Northwestern University

Michael Rourke, a doctoral chemistry researcher at Northwestern University, is advancing organic chemistry research using the OT-2 and the Opentrons Protocol Designer. Inspired by the potential to increase accuracy and precision while freeing his team from mundane repetitive tasks, Michael Rourke led his Northwestern University organic chemistry lab to transition… Read More

Opentrons User Interview With University College London

Alaric Taylor, Yann Mamie, and Stefan Guldin of the Adaptive & Responsive Nanomaterials Group at UCL are fast-tracking materials innovation using the OT-2 and the Opentrons Python Protocol API. Stefan Guldin, Associate Professor, leads the Adaptive & Responsive Nanomaterials Group (AdReNa Group), where … Read More

Opentrons User Interview With Biotech Startup Parhelia Bio

Parhelia Bio is disrupting the automated staining market. They’ve created a flexible, affordable slide and coverslip staining device using Opentrons. Here’s how. Nikolay Samusik and Yury Goltsev, co-founders of Biotech startup Parhelia Bio, created (and patented) a plug-in module that turns… Read More