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Creating high-throughput automation workflows with the Opentrons ecosystem

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The DAMP lab uses its expertise to deliver consistent, reproducible, and high-throughput results that can be shared among researchers. By democratizing science with Opentrons’ platform, they empower research labs around the world to scale their science with automation.

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Instead of a human actively sitting in front of a tissue culture hood, a robot actively takes care of that work. It would take [a scientist] hours and days to do it. In the same amount of time, the robot can do it, it can increase the throughput more than ten times.

Rita Chen
Senior Technologist at DAMP

Lab automation made accessible

Opentrons’ ecosystem takes your workflows to the next level


10x your throughput

Maximize your throughput and walkaway time with the new Opentrons Flex


Flexibility is key

Open-source software and hardware means no limitations on your science

On Site Set Up


Remote and on-site support to get you started or adapt to your lab’s needs

Time Saver

Countless hours saved

By automating workflows, your lab can focus on ideas rather than repetitive lab protocols

Microbes can save the world

Using the Opentrons Flex, DAMP is automating the detailed characterization of hundreds of microbiome samples from around the world using Next Generation Sequencing. This helps prepare high-throughput sequencing libraries, reducing cost, bench time, and opening up new possibilities for discovery in the field that were previously out of reach.

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Operating a Small-Scale Liquid Handler in a Large-Scale Core Facility

Challenges and benefits of using small scale automation platforms, such as Opentrons, in an academic core facility.


Automating NGS library prep on the Opentrons Flex

Outlining some important considerations for automating NGS library prep, and then demo an NGS workflow on the Opentrons Flex NGS Workstation, a benchtop liquid handler with 96-sample throughput.

Creating cardiac tissue

DAMP used the OT-2 to provide a standardized and high-throughput automation workflow for the culturing and differentiation of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes.


This workflow saves valuable time and resources, allowing scientists to focus on ideas rather than repetitive lab protocols.


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