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Opentrons Hires Gautam Prabhu as CTO to Accelerate Automated Lab Robotics Engineering Solutions

Mr. Prabhu will lead company’s data science and engineering teams to accelerate product development for automated lab robotics 

Brooklyn, NY – July 18, 2023Opentrons Labworks, Inc., a leader in lab automation and makers of accessible lab robotics, today announced the appointment of Gautam Prabhu as Chief Technology Officer. With over two decades of experience leading software engineering organizations, Mr. Prabhu is poised to play a pivotal role in the company’s expansion of its Opentrons Robotics and Neochromosome Business Units. As CTO, Mr. Prabhu will accelerate product development across Opentrons’ data science and engineering teams and ensure the successful implementation of the company’s roadmap. He also will serve as the company’s representative in technology-focused discussions with the board of directors and investors.

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“Gautam’s expertise in crafting advanced enterprise SaaS solutions, launching product lines, and expanding engineering capabilities aligns perfectly with our mission,” Jonathan Brennan-Badal, CEO of Opentrons said. “We are thrilled to welcome him to our team, especially during this exciting phase of growth following the successful launch of the Flex robot in May.”

Mr. Prahbhu brings a wealth of experience to Opentrons, including service in leadership roles with increasing responsibility at PagerDuty and Zendesk. At PagerDuty, he was most recently Head of Engineering, responsible for overseeing product lines, infrastructure, shared services and data science, while also spearheading significant team growth and driving major software initiatives. Prior to PagerDuty, he was Vice President of Engineering at Zendesk, where he played a crucial role in managing shared services and building software-as-a-service productivity applications used by hundreds of thousands of businesses. In addition, Mr. Prabhu served as an advisor for Y Combinator Continuity, further solidifying his expertise in the technology industry.

“The technical teams for Opentrons Robotics and Neochromosome are pushing the boundaries of automation and engineering in the life sciences industry,” Mr. Prabhu said. “I look forward to helping the company usher in a new era of laboratory solutions, empowering researchers to achieve groundbreaking discoveries. Additionally, I’m excited to bring my engineering expertise to the field of robotics and my passion for advancing scientific progress to unlock the full potential of lab automation.”

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Opentrons Labworks, Inc., a disruptive life science company and the current market leader in entry-level lab automation, accelerates innovation in research and healthcare through its integrated lab platform, which includes business units Opentrons Robotics and Neochromosome. Opentrons has raised over $200 million in funding and achieved unicorn status based on its first- and second-generation robots, OT-One and OT-2. Opentrons Robotics provides thousands of institutions with flexible, easy-to-use lab robots, automating R&D operations and making robotics, a vast open-source library accessible to life sciences researchers worldwide. Leveraged by institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, Opentrons is found in thousands of academic, biopharma, synthetic biology and clinical research labs in more than 40 countries. Learn more at

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Neochromosome is a biotechnology company with a disruptive longDNA™ platform that is changing the world of biological engineering. Rather than piecemeal editing of an existing genome, Neochromosome’s focus is on the precision delivery of multi-gene pathways, chromosomes, and even whole genomes, designed and built de novo, for eukaryotic cells. Neochromosome, headquartered in New York City, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opentrons Labworks. For more information, please visit