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"There's days we have Opentrons transfer 800 samples. I would never be able to do as many samples by hand."

Kaja WasikGencove

"The whole setup process was easy and your online guide was fantastic."

Tom HuckvaleYouSeqRead blog ›

"Our life is so much easier now because the OT-2 is really good."

Marilene PavanDAMP Lab

"The sky's the limit in terms of customization you could do... that would be impossible to do on any other commercially available system."

Scott FarberDana-Farber Cancer Institute

"Since [the robot] can run a lot of my Bradfords and other assays I do on a regular basis, I have so much free time."

Elaine PhanBioMarin

"Before, I had to leave one whole day for one ELISA run. Now, the robot frees my hands."

Annabel ShangMilliporeSigmaRead blog ›

"The OT-2 is invaluable, quite frankly. I couldn’t do my job without it."

N. BrownSkincare Startup

"It is going to make our lives so much easier."

Arianna MorosettiUniversity of Calgary

"The OT-2 is very handy for me. The only manual step is transferring tubes into the OT-2; I just put the tubes in and press "Go.""

Xian Weng JiangCytera CellworksRead blog ›

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"I've done I don't know how many hundreds of minipreps in my life. I don't want to do another 3,000."

Nick Emery, DAMP of Boston University

"There’s two reasons we chose Opentrons: it’s affordable and we can develop open-source software for it."

Keoni Gandall, Free Genes Project

"I would just never be able to do as many samples by hand. I would probably lose my mind."

Kaja Wasik, Gencove

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