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Opentrons Flex Gripper

The Opentrons Flex Gripper GEN1 attaches to the gantry and is capable of moving labware across the deck and on or off modules such as the Magnetic Block or Thermocycler. It can also access the additional slots to the side of the main deck to replenish tips or labware. The gripper can be used with any pipette configuration.

Included with the gripper is a calibration pin that enables automatic calibration to ensure positional accuracy. Currently, the gripper is optimized for use with the following labware items:

– NEST 2 mL 96 Deep Well Plate, V bottom
– Opentrons Tough 0.2 mL 96-Well PCR Plate, Full Skirt
– NEST 96 Well Plate Flat
– All Opentrons Flex tip racks

Prices listed here are valid in the US and select other territories. Please get in touch with your local team for pricing for your territory.



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