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Thermocycler Module

The Opentrons Thermocycler Module GEN2 is a fully automated on-deck thermocycler, providing hands-free PCR in a 96-well plate format. Compatible with Opentrons hardware and software to allow for fully automated PCR reaction setup and thermocycling on your Opentrons robot. The heated lid and disposable seal fit tightly over the plate, ensuring efficient sample heating and minimal evaporation.

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1-Year Warranty

Ships in 7 business days

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Create a quote after you add to cart


Hands-free PCR

Programmable, on deck thermocycler

Cooling and heating

Thermal block temperature range of 4–99 °C, with lid temperature up to 110 °C


Use Python API and Protocol Designer

Prevent sample loss

Opentrons GEN2 Thermocycler Seals are disposable adhesive-backed Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) seals

Tech Specs

Dimensions (open)

244.95 mm L x 172 mm W x 310.1 mm H

Dimensions (closed)

244.95 mm L x 172 mm W x 170.35 mm H

Dimensions (closed with External Fan Duct)

315.32 L x 172 mm W x 170.35 H


Full-skirted 96-well, 0.2 mL PCR plates

Thermal block temperature range

4–99 °C

Thermal block maximum heating ramp rate

4.25 °C/s between ambient and 95 °C

Thermal block maximum cooling ramp rate

2.0 °C/s between 95 °C and ambient

Lid temperature range

37–110 °C


8.4 kg

Module power input

36 VDC 6.1 A

Power adapter input

120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8.5A@115VAC, 5.0A@230VAC

Recommended plates

We recommend using Opentrons Tough PCR Plates with the Opentrons Thermocycler Modules, as they are full-skirted and have a rigid polycarbonate frame with thin-walled polypropylene wells. The plate lift mechanism that releases the plate from the Thermocycler after cycling engages with the edges of full-skirted PCR plate so the plate can be easily removed. The rigid frame of the PCR plate is compatible with a gripper, prevents the plate from warping, and keeps the plate secure in the block when the lid opens.



One Thermocycler Module can be used at a time on the OT-2.

The Thermocycler Module is intended for use with full-skirted, rigid, 96-well, 0.2 mL PCR plates. We recommend using Opentrons Tough PCR Plates.

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