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Heater-Shaker Module Manual

The Opentrons Heater-Shaker Module GEN1 provides on-deck heating and orbital shaking. The module can be heated to 95 °C, and…

Documentation & Manuals

Thermocycler Module Quickstart Guide

The Opentrons Thermocycler Module GEN2 provides ondeck, fully automated thermocycling. The module enablesautomation of upstream and downstream workflow steps…

Documentation & Manuals

OT-2 Brochure

Scientists should be doing science. All scientists, regardless of resources or role, should be able to spend their time designing…

Documentation & Manuals

OT-2 Quickstart Guide

The OT-2 is a liquid handling lab robot. It is open-source, highly customizable, kit- and reagent-agnostic, and takes up half…

Documentation & Manuals

OT-2 User Manual

The Opentrons OT-2 Liquid Handler User Manual contains important information regarding the safe use of the model OT-2R Liquid Handler.

Documentation & Manuals

Adapter Magnets Support Article

If the Magnetic Module is too weak for your application, this method can be used to strengthen its magnetic force…

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