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Why We Made The World’s Most Affordable Fully-Automated Thermocycler

Opentrons built the world’s most affordable fully-automated thermocycler to give our community more affordable, open-source, automated lab equipment.

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The Advantages Of Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction

Researchers from all life science disciplines rely on nucleic acid extraction. Automating it can ensure better Researchers from all life…

Tips & Tricks

Why You Should Automate Nucleic Acid Preparation

Nucleic acid isolation is a cornerstone technique in molecular biology. Many labs use manual purification protocols for this, but they…

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3 Ways Automation Produces Better Bio Lab Results

Accuracy in lab experiments is critical, but often difficult to achieve–especially in life science labs. Here are 3 areas where…

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6 Emerging Trends In Life Science

Future life science labs will require skill sets in automation, open-source tech, AI, and many other emerging areas. Here’s what…

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Making A “PC” Of Lab Automation

Life science lab automation today is poised in the same place computers were in the 1970s: about to make the…

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5 Reasons To Automate Your NGS Workflow

With greater speed, lower costs, and higher throughput than first-generation methods, next-generation sequencing (NGS) has catapulted biological research into a…

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