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Cloning workflow using the Takara Bio In-Fusion Snap Assembly Kit on the OT-2

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Automated cloning using Takara Bio In-Fusion Snap Assembly on the OT-2

This app note describes the automation of a restriction enzyme-free and ligation-free cloning workflow using the In-Fusion Snap Assemblyon the…

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Mass Balance Integration with the OT-2

By integrating a mass balance with the Opentrons OT-2 Robot, users can automate gravimetric experiments and accurately record how much…

Application Notes

Automated RNA extraction using Zymo Research’s Direct-Zol RNA kit for samples stored in TRIzol®

In this study, the Opentrons OT-2 Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation was used with the Zymo Research Direct-Zol 96 MagBead RNA…

Application Notes

Fully automated hybridization-based targeted sequencing sample prep with superior uniformity in 6 hours: A Point-n-Seq® workflow on Opentrons OT-2.

Automation has become increasingly vital to accommodate the growing demands of sample throughput, reliability, and reduced hands-on-time.

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Automated NGS Quantification, Normalization, and Pooling Using the OT-2

The Opentrons® OT-2 effectively performs qPCR quantification of NGS libraries, maintaining high precision while reducing hands-on time. Two methods of…

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Volatile Liquid Handling with Opentrons OT-2

Volatile liquids, liquids that evaporate readily at room temperature, are common reagents in various applications.

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Viscous Liquid Handling Automation using Opentrons OT-2

Molecular assays require precise pipetting reagents and samples with a diverse set of properties — including viscous ones that can…

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