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Opentrons Robotics Launches New Workstations To Support Genomics And Proteomics Applications

Solutions enable labs to run more efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

Brooklyn, N.Y., March 10, 2022 — Opentrons Robotics today announced the largest expansion of its automation portfolio to date, launching four new OT-2 workstation products supporting popular applications, including NGS, PCR and protein purification. These launches build on the success of the OT-2 COVID-19 workstations, which have been used by hundreds of labs around the world to rapidly scale reliable, standardized COVID-19 testing and screening workflows. The new workstations comprise the OT-2 platform, application-specific hardware, pipettes and labware, and custom protocol development, quickly allowing any lab to set up automated workflows, at a fraction of the cost of other automation solutions.

The four new workstations are:

Expanded NGS Workstation WHITE
The Opentrons NGS Workstation

“The expansion of our OT-2 portfolio will bring the benefits of radically simple, accessible automation to new customers,” said David Kim, general manager of Opentrons Robotics. “Throughout the pandemic, our automation suite has enabled labs to rapidly pivot into COVID-19 testing, screening and genomic surveillance by using the OT-2 and our modules. Along with their ease of setup, our solutions help labs run more efficiently — through accurate, reproducible results, all in an automated fashion, which frees up scientists’ time. Opentrons’ new workstations will bring all these benefits to scientists working across genomics and proteomics applications.”

“The Opentrons system has enhanced our team’s ability to access purified mRNA reliably and quickly, which is vital for our work developing innovative gene-based therapies,” said Dr. Xinyue Zhang, an investigator at Luye Life Sciences in Massachusetts. “The Opentrons team are very supportive, and they offer custom protocol development, which we utilized for our workflow. Now, preparing mRNA is as easy as loading the reagents, selecting the protocol and then waiting a few hours.”

The OT-2 is a high-precision, open-source personal pipetting robot designed to be easy for scientists to use and flexible enough to automate many application workflows. The robot and its accompanying automation platform are used to automate hundreds of protocols and workflows in genomics, proteomics, cell-based assays and drug discovery.
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Opentrons Robotics, a business unit of Opentrons Labworks, Inc., is the industry leader in flexible, user-friendly automation for life science R&D labs. Opentrons Robotics’ flagship product, the OT-2, can be found in thousands of labs in more than 40 countries. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, OT-2 robots have been deployed to hospital labs around the world to test millions of patient samples. Our product line is expanding to offer tailored automation and protocol development for the most common and time-consuming manual processes in molecular biology, including NGS library prep, PCR setup and protein purification. Learn more at

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