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Partner Spotlight: Genie

Cloud-Based Lab Execution Software


Genie Life Sciences is a life science technology company that makes cloud-based software designed to help labs drive scientific discoveries faster than ever. Genie’s lab execution software, LabOS, provides a single platform for labs to design, manage, and execute scientific workflows. Conventional automation hasn’t kept up with modern technology, and Genie is on a mission to change that with an approachable, accessible, and agile automation platform.

Opentrons x Genie

Genie LabOS is a software platform that makes it simple to design, manage, and orchestrate your entire lab automation workflow. Pairing Genie LabOS with the Opentrons Flex or OT-2 allows for end-to-end instrument control, experiment planning, and data management. Through this integration, users may use LabOS to easily author, modify, and run scientific protocols, and modify instrument-specific settings for Opentrons robots and modules.

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LabOS x Opentrons OT-2 SOP

Onboarding the Opentrons OT-2 instrument into Genie’s LabOS

Frame 2

LabOS x Opentrons Thermocycler Protocol Commands