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Temperature Module

The Opentrons Temperature Module, compatible with both the OT-2 and Flex Robots, is a fully automated thermoelectric module and integrated for use with the Opentrons platform. It is used to achieve temperature changes ranging from 4 to 95°C for various applications.

The Temperature Module GEN2 is compatible with the new Opentrons Flex Robot when paired with the Flex Temperature Caddy and Calibration Adapter. The caddy sits below the deck to enable below-deck cable routing and labware placed on modules remain closer to the deck surface. The calibration adapter is used to calibrate the location of the module.

Prices listed here are valid in the US and select other territories. Please get in touch with your local team for pricing for your territory.



1-Year Warranty

Ships in 7 business days

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Create a quote after you add to cart


Includes aluminum blocks

Holds labware, including: 1.5 mL tubes, 2 mL tubes, PCR plates, PCR strips, and most flat bottom well plates

Standard size

Capable of holding 96-well plates and other labware on-deck

Note for users

It is highly recommended that users place water between aluminum thermal blocks and plastic well tubes, strips and/or plates​

Tech Specs

Dimensions (w/block)

194 x 90 x 126mm (l/w/h)


3.3 lbs / 1.5kg

Temperature range

4°C and 95°C

Module power input

36VDC, 6.1A

Power adapter input

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 4.0A/115VAC, 2.0A/230VAC

Additional power requirements

For additional power requirement information, please review this support article



We recommend leveraging the included Aluminum Block when running the Temperature Module. To check if your labware will fit on the aluminum block, consult the dimensions in the Temperature Module White Paper. For additional information on compatible labware, please reference our Support team’s labware compatibility article.

Please reference our Temperature Module White Paper for details on the module’s accuracy, uniformity, and time-to-temperature specifications, as well as technical drawings.

It is possible to use multiple modules of the same type on the OT-2. This is true for our Temperature Module, Magnetic Module, and Heater-Shaker Module. For a walkthrough on setting this up for your OT-2 and considerations when using multiple modules, please reference this guide.

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