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Testing For COVID-19 With Opentrons

Opentrons COVID-19 Testing System can help labs running public health surveillance projects immediately scale up and screen 2,400 tests per…


WEBINAR: DAMPLab Creates Prototype COVID-19 Diagnostics Facility With Opentrons

Boston University DAMPLab’s Lead Lab Specialist Rita Chen created a prototype COVID-19 diagnostics workflow using Opentrons in three months. Here’s…

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9 COVID-19 Testing Resources For Life Science Researchers

The coronavirus pandemic offers life science researchers unprecedented opportunities. Here are 9 resources to help you maximize those opportunities. The…

Tips & Tricks

6 Resources For Life Scientists Working From Home

If you are working without normal access to your lab, here are 6 resources to help you stay productive. The…

Tips & Tricks

Protocol Designer: What It Is, What It Can Do, And How It Will Help You

Opentrons created Protocol Designer because we wanted scientists to easily create scientific protocols without having to write any code. Here’s…


How COVID-19 Changed Life Sciences Forever

And How You Can Future-Proof Your Lab With Next-Gen Laboratory Robots.

Application Notes

Affordable COVID-19 Testing Automation With The Opentrons OT-2

Using the Opentron’s OT-2 and platform, we demonstrate a highly sensitive, affordable, and hands-off pipeline for PCR-based SARS-CoV-2 testing.

Application Notes

Opentrons COVID-19 Testing System One Sheeter

The Opentrons COVID-19 Testing System is a flexible, high-throughput surveillance testing system using OT-2 hardware & validated withZymo reagents to…


Leveraging open hardware to alleviate the burden of COVID-19 on global health systems

With the current rapid spread of COVID-19, global health systems are increasingly overburdened by the sheer number of people that…


An Open-Source Shipping Container Laboratory Optimised For Automated COVID-19 Diagnostics

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged diagnostic systems globally. Expanding testing capabilities to conduct population-wide screening for COVID-19 requires innovation in…

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