Automated Cell Culture Workstation

Automated Cell Culture Workstation

Everything you need to automate routine cell culture, including pipetting steps, temperature control, and a HEPA filter to create a clean-air environment.

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Media Exchange for 3D Cell Culture


Maintaining and treating cell cultures is critical for many areas of life-science including cancer research, vaccine development, cellular agriculture, tissue engineering, and many other applications. Working with these cell lines is a laborious process that requires an aseptic work environment and daily attention. The Opentrons Cell Culture Workstation of robotics, HEPA Module, sterile labware, and suite of protocols has everything scientists need to automate routine cell culture maintenance.

After removing your cell culture samples from your incubator, place them on the OT-2 lab robot with the HEPA Module turned on. The Opentrons HEPA Module provides filtered air on the deck of the OT-2 that allows you to work without fear of contamination. This workstation includes the OT-2 robot, HEPA module, electronic pipettes, and sterile labware required to automate cell culture workflows.

This workstation includes the OT-2 robot, HEPA module, and sterile labware required to automate cell culture workflows.

This workstation can be used for the following applications:

  • Plating & passaging cells
  • Dosing live cells
  • Media exchange for cell cultures
  • Cell seeding
  • Cherry picking
  • Serial dilution
  • Assay setup (qPCR, NGS, cytometry, etc)

NOTE: The Opentrons HEPA Module comes in two different voltages. Your account manager will help you choose the correct one for your geographic region.


Simply load your cell culture sample on the robot, hit 'run', and let the workstation automate your media exchange workflow.

  • On-deck media exchange minimizes risk of contamination
  • Works with all configurations of the OT-2 robot and modules
  • Save hours of time by automating routine labwork

Airflow Diagram

Illustration of contaminants filtered through the HEPA Module into the OT-2



All Opentrons Tips, Tip Racks, and packaging are ready for use right out of the box. The Opentrons P300 Tip Rack can be autoclaved. The Opentrons Filter Tips, P20 Tip Rack and P1000 Tip Rack are not recommended for autoclaving.


Opentrons supports the following labware for this application: Opentrons sterile labware, 96-well flat cell culture plates, 15 mL and 50 mL tubes, and Opentrons sterile filter tips. If using a capped flask (T-25, T-75 or T-175 cm flasks), transfer cells to a conical tube before placing them onto the deck. If using a petri dish, use an adaptor that fits the deck slot of the OT-2. If using regular well plates, simply snap those onto the deck. If you have different labware requirements, reach out to our sales team to discuss protocols and customizations to fit your needs.


Most labs automating cell culture workflows have found the Opentrons P1000 Pipette GEN2 Single-Channel and Opentrons P300 Pipette GEN2 8-Channel to be the best pipette configuration, but every lab’s needs are different. Every lab’s protocol needs are different. We’ll help you decide on your pipettes for this application depending on the protocol you use. Please contact our sales team to discuss protocol creation.

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"I've done I don't know how many hundreds of minipreps in my life. I don't want to do another 3,000."

Nick Emery, DAMP of Boston University

"There’s two reasons we chose Opentrons: it’s affordable and we can develop open-source software for it."

Keoni Gandall, Free Genes Project

"I would just never be able to do as many samples by hand. I would probably lose my mind."

Kaja Wasik, Gencove